Our beloved school was established in 1965 with a view to spread education in the rural locality named Tutranga since the dawn of its foundation and till date it has been playing a great role to spread "Education for all",Our school obtained recognition as (X) standard school in 1971 and it achieved X+2 standard in 2005-06.It has obtained necessary permission to teach vocational courses in VIII+ & X+ in 2006-2007 and it is continuing its educational programme without any interruption.Honourable persons like Late Bipin Bihari Santra(Doner),Late shasanka Sekhar Pal,Late Binod Bihari Khutia,Late Ramjiban Dey,Late Nityananda Das,Late Priya Nath Pradhan,Late Sudhan Jana,Late Kumud Bandu Shyamal,Late Adhar Chandra Khutia,Late Gostha Bihari Dutta,Late Satish Chandra Pradhan,Sri Hrishikesh Pradhan(Founder),Sri Bimal Chandra Kuila(Ex Head Master),Sri Ajit Kumar Pradhan(Ex A.H.M),Sri Nikhil Ranjan Das(Ex. A.T.) Sri Pashupati Das were connected with the establishment of this school.I convey my hartiest congratulation to all the guardians,education interested persons for their help and love to our school.A school can not achive its progress without the help of its students,teachers,guardians and educational interested persons. Read More